Earn Free Bitcoin

Earn Free Bitcoin - What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that created at 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto (Anonim Programmer), bitcoin itself like real paper money but the main differences of bitcoin are decentralized, peer to peer trade system, no one could control its price, and convenient to bring so the other words Bitcoin is a freedom, with time bitcoin will become more popular than today, thats why most of people today start to think ways to Earn Free Bitcoin Online since its price already reach unbelieveable price level when at 2009 each bitcoin price only worth couple of cents.

Couple of weeks after Bitcoin released to the public, Bitcoin became attention of public, countries, medias, and several big companies, because of that Bitcoin became more and more everyday, that makes bitcoin price from couple of cent rose up to hundred of dollars, and at 2017 November, bitcoin price reached the highest peak of history about 19,000$/ bitcoin, and the best things of bitcoin are: 1. Bitcoin does not have Central and or someone control it, 2. Bitcoins transaction is using Peer to Peer transaction, its mean you responsible with your own, 3. Bitcoins can be mined, 4. bitcoins more convenient, 5. Bitcoins supply are limited.

Earn Free Bitcoin

Free Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

For Investors and Big Companies there are no problem with take lot of money to invest in Bitcoin, but that case not for normal people, so since invest on Bitcoin is profitable lot of people start to think ways to earn bitcoin, which folks come with some ways to earn bitcoin with money and Earn Free Bitcoin, here we are:

1. Work for Bitcoin

Like real life, in order to earn money you have to move your ass to work (complete the task from employer), in this case same like bitcoin, you have to complete tasks from the employer to earn bitcoin, you can become a writer, translator, programmer, freelancer, or developer just for earn bitcoin, there some platforms that offer you bitcoin in exchange your work.

2. Earn Bitcoin by Lending/Invest it

If you have some bitcoin in your hand, with it you able to Earn Free Bitcoin basis on daily or monthly Interest, there are so many platforms that offers and encourage users to invest/lending their bitcoin in return they will give you back with interest between 8% to 18% in bitcoin form. While Invest/Lending bitcoin to the other seems very easy, we just need to sit and start to Earn Free Bitcoin from the interest everyday, but this way too very risky, so before lending/invest your bitcoin you have to pick the borrower and read the platform program policies carefully before make your decision.

3. Earn Bitcoin By Trading

The most simple way, effective, and legal to earn bitcoin is by trading, Trading bitcoin is the best method for who has certain amount money, Buy it when Cheap and Sell the bitcoin higher, but to become professional trader, you have to keep check the latest news of the bitcoin then you will able to plan your next move, or if you ahve more spare money you could Buy Bitcoin directly.

4. Earn Bitcoin by Doing a Favor

Helping people is good act as humanity, but it would be great if you able to earn money while you still helping people, Years ago i found a website that will give people bitcoin reward by helping people, BitforTip is a platform that will give you reward (tip) after doing some favor for the tasker, mostly the task will about doing a research offline or online, so i think this is also a good way to Earn Free Bitcoin while helping people, But Usually the employer very picky so brace up your self.

5. Earn Free Bitcoin With Faucets

What is Bitcoin Faucet? Bitcoin faucet is a system that reward the users in form Satoshi (1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi), the users need to complete the simple tasks, playing games, watch videos or complete captcha that provide by Faucet system. Earn Free Bitcoin from Bitcoin Faucets is fun and simple, to claim the rewards some Bitcoin Faucet Sites will set some Time Interval, the fastest is every 5 minutes and some every 24 hours. But Unfortunately, it way to long to gather it and this not recommended for who has full-time work, While this is very tasking and consume very lot of times to achieve something at least you do not have to do anything except hit the button.

6. Bitcoin Mining

Like Gold, Bitcoin also have a place to Mine it, to Mine bitcoin you have to own the tools, that mean you have to ready to bleed a lot, because the Bitcoin Mining hardwares are very expensive, the hardwares electricity consumption quite big, not yet place, and hardwares maintenance fee, not only that, everyday the Difficulty of reward block incearse between 4 - 10% of last block, so that mean you have to add more miners hardware, or for the simple way if you want to become BTC miner you could find trustable Cloud Mining.

7. Earn Bitcoin from Advertising

If you have no special skill to be freelancer, or do not have enough money to start your own Mine, If you are a blogger, then great, you able to earn bitcoin by serve space for advertisement, there so many Advertising networks that offer wide-variety selection for their publisher, but for Bitcoin Ads Networks mostly they only pay you for CPM ads type.

Conclusion About Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Everyone need money, and money is very essential thing in this world, there so many ways to make money and one of them is Bitcoin, while above are ways to Earn Free Bitcoin those are look very easy to do but in reality it's very hard to do especially to people who does not have special skill or fund, all they can do are be patient and persistent.

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