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About Us

We are very interested with Bitcoin and the other cryptos, having no special skill, only hoping from Free Bitcoin Faucets site to gather little by little everyday, every hours, till we have lot of them. This site is build just for hobby and make little money, no special code here, only simple CSS & HTML.

What we do on Earn Free Bitcoin? To the core We are simple Bitcoin Faucet system, but we have planing to add more features into this site, such like Blog section, a collection of websites, and simple review about anything related to bitcoin and maybe other cryptos in near future, and what we shall not do it, talking bad about thing, for example: We will not tell you that some website is a scam or anything else bad, not because they just do not pay us for what suspose to be for us, or We will not do that because someone talking about that because someone write it and we read after it.

This site may contain Affiliate or Parner Links, so please understand us because eeveryone need passive income to earn little bit more, but we will limited the Affiliate Links as low as we can, but we may not able to hold our selves if we got something good.

In this business we are very young, stubborn, ignorant, and lack of features, we may need your suggestion and critics to improve this site to the next level, but for now we have use some technologies and Services to make this site as simple as we could, so below you will able to see what kind technologies we use:

  • PHP to side-scripting our site.
  • MySQL to store our List of Website datas.
  • HTML & CSS for simple and responsive design.
  • Alexa XML to collect and gather Ranking for Website in our list.
  • Makejar Faucet System Script, before we're using Faucet Latina which obsolete now.
  • Batflat.org for our news & blog section, the sidebar still rough ane need more touch.
  • CoinGecko for real-time cryptos price in USD widget, but more will come later.
  • Old Template of Bloghints.com, but now I use this template for this EFB site.

Thats for now, if you have more question for now please don't hesitate to contact us by using our Contact form.

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