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Free Bitcoin Generator

This Bitcoin Generator is required Faucethub.io Mirco-Wallet for us to sent your reward immediately to your wallet.

Faucet Remain Balance: 61649 satoshi

Possible Reward: Upto 800 Satoshi Every 60 minutes. 10 daily claims left.



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Recent Payouts

1EcP3Bzn1jS4av2jELGsAJyuvYrbKwL4a540 satoshi
1CaFi4zN98PjuWY2wm3sagoYMar1BWv7wP40 satoshi
139J87QTQJa7xUqqMrvZYgYfUPer36Vkrf40 satoshi
1DABzh44QZcv5GHMHvQMtxZU5WxceHZtxx40 satoshi
3A9pMCBiu1dXPLTFxECHYyJBwZqfd4nU9U40 satoshi
1GENPCTrUnnetSaT9RiSDTSiB1qBEnNQeP40 satoshi
1G3mZGMfzzKgbcDgMFF6a3AQxM1K8cRi6G40 satoshi
38fHjDfAa9dVhuXUKwUkGVqjTTtj4MpwKv40 satoshi
179sY7RQo1GVcKPZWqtuxKuPWayFzB4qQG40 satoshi
1KzbGCuBFpVUedpba3QH4Qm3feyZuidYBV40 satoshi

Reflink: https://earnfreeebitcoin.com/bitcoin-generator/?r=Your_Address

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What is "EFB" Free Bitcoin Generator?

EFB Free Bitcoin Generator is very simple Bitoin Faucet site, that allows users to claim free bitcoin (satoshis) every 60 Minutes or per hour without any special requirement such like registration, hidden fee, or anything else, as our brand is Free Bitcoin Generator so we are completely free. Our Bitcoin Faucet is using Faucethub.io Microwallet API services to handle all of our users withdrawal payment directly to your Bitcoin Wallet Address and it's free from Scam like the others because to run this Bitcoin Faucet we have to make a deposit to our microwallet.

Every hour the users will able to claim Bitcoin upto 800 satoshi as grandprize, while the lowest is 40 satoshi per hour, to claim our rewards you have to create your Bitcoin wallet first, and then linked it to your Faucethub.io, after it you need to Copy and Paste your Wallet Address into our Wallet Box, Complete the Captcha and Hit the 'Get Reward' button, Very simple.

More Satoshi with "EFB" Free Bitcoin Generator Reflink

Beside get free satoshi from our Faucet System, you could make more Satoshi upto 10% with our Referal Link, it can be posted on your Social Medias, Blog, Website, or anywhere as long you like it, Every Reflink you refer to us Claim our Reward we'll give you 50% of their amount satoshi reward forever. You will able to see your Reflink after you submit you Bitcoin Wallet Address.

Why this "EFB" Free Bitcoin Generator is FREE?

We are Understand that everyone loves Freebies things, so do we, we able keep to run this Free Bitcoin Generator because we make some money through advertising space on our site to cover our cost. To keep this site healthy we hope you will whitelisting our site from any of your Ads Blocker program. For you to note, our Reward Satoshi and Referal system can changed without any furthur notice.

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